Violently meeting in the emptiness

Drafting sharing skins


  • Gema Varona Basque Institute of Criminology


more than humans, wolves, violence, welfare, Spain


This artistic contribution has to do with the open debate (and "drafting of  positions") on current changes in the legal protection of wolves in  Spain as an expression of:

     -The deep conflict (sometimes violent) between the rural interests and the urban fascination for these animals who kill other animals.
     -How wolves symbolise our capacity to share the world with other forms of life, also dangerous, beyond consumption, and to change our habits.
     -And how initiatives for deep listening and understanding between different human and non-human animals in conflict, perhaps in the intersections of knowledge between rural and green criminologies, can be done through critical thinking, avoiding humilliation or urban superiorities.

At the same time, as explained in the final note, we play with the socio-legal notions of "emptied Spain", glocalisation and "pack" in 
violence against women. All these different ideas are wrapped within a final vision of restorative justice.

The work combines three illustrations by three different artists and a text envisaged as poetic prose. 

Author Biography

Gema Varona, Basque Institute of Criminology

Gema Varona, is Professor of Criminal Policy at the Faculty of Law of Donostia/San Sebastián (University of the Basque Country). Carlos Varona is illustrator ( and Carlos Arruti an artist (






Art intervention