Call for Articles - Second Issue


We would like to invite authors to submit articles to our forthcoming issue. We accept both theoretical reflections and empirical contributions that are in line with, but not limited to, the following themes:

Dialogues between criminology and given disciplines: e.g. criminology and geography, criminology and law, criminology and political science, criminology and philosophy;
Dialogues between criminology scholars and practitioners: e.g. criminology and law enforcement agents, criminology and policy-makers;
The encounter between competing research methods: e.g. qualitative versus quantitative approaches in criminology;
The encounter between competing theories or between different schools of thought: e.g. critical versus positivistic criminology; American versus European criminology; criminology from the 'Global South' and criminology from the 'Global North';
The essence of criminology as a standalone discipline amid its different multidisciplinary influences;
Criminology as the science for the study of conflicts;
Other 'criminological encounters': authors are invited to present other possibilities of interpretation of such encounters.

The deadline for submitting an article for our second issue is December 15, 2018.

We would also like to invite editors to submit proposals for special issues that deal with the ideas of 'encountering' mentioned above. Our special issues will focus on thematic topics and will feature competing and complementary perspectives. These could be, for example, encounters between: criminology and sports studies on the topic of 'sports in detention contexts; criminologists and nutritionists on the topic of 'food in prison'; policing studies scholars and gender and feminist scholars on 'institutionalized sexism within the police; criminologists, geographers and urban studies scholars on topics like 'conflict in public spaces', 'border control and crimmigration', 'electronic monitoring', 'youth crime' and so on. Many different encounters are thus possible. 

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