Information for Book-Reviewers

Criminological Encounters welcomes reviews on recently published books that address issues related to the journal concept of ‘encounters’. In our book review section we encourage both inter- and intradisciplinary discussions.

The book review entails a constructive and critical overview of the content and structure of the book as well as the ideas, visions or statements put forward by the author. Further information about the scientific background of the author and position in the field can also be useful.

We strongly invite readers with suggestions for a book review to send the proposal to the editor-in-chief ( The following guidelines apply to all book reviews:

The maximum length of the review should be 3000 words. Formatting of book reviews should follow the article formatting instructions provided here. Book reviews will be approved by the journal’s editorial team.

Criminological Encounters will regularly provide a list of books for review but we are also willing to consider suggestions. Please contact us in case you are interested in writing a book review.